Frequently Asked Questions

At Rhino ADi we want to help you make the most of your experience with us. That's why we've put together some answers to your frequently asked questions. See our frequently asked questions below or send us your question to

Just how secure is the ADi system?

Security of your data is of paramount importance to us! Once you have registered to use the ADi service the transfer of your files is a quick simple drag and drop, but the servers the data is saved to are the most secure available cloud based 'Google' servers.

How accurate is your checking system?

Rhino ADi screens against 1.5 billion records records from companies such as Experian and Equifax but with 23,000 house moves and 1,400 bereavements each day there will always be a gap between our screening and the current situation.

How do you deal with 'Mortality'?

This is obviously a very sensitive situation. We must show care and compassion so, if there is any doubt, we do remove the record. Better to lose one customer than make contact with a recently deceased customer.

Why should I cleanse my data?

With upto 15% of the UK population moving/passing away each year, mailing these customers will not only damage your brand but also waste your marketing budget.

What makes Rhino ADi so different?

The system has been designed specifically for the automotive industry. The system is very simple to use, as simple as 1,2,3. Register, select a service and drag and drop your data file. We have the most advanced screening ability available in the UK, your data is checked against 1.5 billion records.

What format of data document should I submit?

The system is very flexible and can take most formats but the most popular is either Excel or a CSV file.

What is the cost of a data report?

There is a small initial license fee to pay but this will depend on the number of users. There after there is no charge or limit on the number of reports you can run. The top line results ROI is emailed to you then there is only a charge if you select to buy the results.

Can I purchase Conquest Data?

Yes, of course you can - with access to over 1.5 Billion lines of UK Consumer data if we've not got it - you won't get it!
Contact us with your requirements.

Can I market to refreshed/replenished Data?

Yes, all cleansed, replenished & updated information is sourced from opt-in consumer data only.

How long do you hold my data?

In liine with current Data legislation following your FREE report, any cleansed data is automatically deleted from our secure cloud based system within 28 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Is Rhino ADi compatible with my CRM system?

Whatever Automotive CRM/DMS system you utilise, ADi will deliver your cleansed data, correctly formatted & structured for easy upload.


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